Rise Strange Thinkers, We Need YOU

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I don’t know how to say this any other way, but things just aren’t awesome.  This isn’t about bubbles, and it’s not about froth, it’s about people in our ecosystem moving at strange frequencies…it’s about healthy naïveté transforming into irrational confidence. It’s about founders not appreciating the risk and commitment of their chosen paths.  It’s about the look in an average founder’s eye, lacking the edge that keeps one’s game tight.  It’s about the fall of the letters CEO.  No longer something to be placed on a pedestal, revered and wondered at…CEO is the new “Analyst.”  It’s about the obvious thinkers…the ones who arrive at logical conclusions, the ones who think the same…getting into a game that used to be dominated by abnormal thinkers…it’s about a lack of soul searching…surface decisions driving surface thinkers into surface startups…it’s about nothing being new…me too…me too….me too…it’s about we’re different because we’re social…or you don’t understand we’re taking a traditional enterprise model and turning it on it’s head with…wait for it…a SAAS model…it’s about a new publishing platform…no a new publishing platform…no a new publishing platform…but this one is  DRAG AND DROP…don’t you see…you can change the font without going into a drop down menu…it’s about what YOUR FRIENDS LIKE…don’t you get it…it’s not just what YOU like…you can actually see what YOUR FRIENDS LIKE…and SHARE what you like with your friends…REALLY REALLY…the big difference is that you can SHARE not just with your FRIENDS…but with your FRIENDS OF FRIENDS…get it…it’s like…people you should probably care about more than strangers…even though you don’t know them…It’s about CURATION…it’s UNDERWEAR commerce but for GUYS…CURATED…get it…Guys wear underwear…call it commerce 2.0….No it’s Socks for GUYS…no it’s BASICS for guys…no it’s GLASSES for GUYS… No COSMETICS for GUYS…don’t you see, it’s been tried before…but this one is really for what GUYS WANT and what GUYS care about…and…it comes in a BOX…are we qualified to build it…HELL YEA we are…you know why? Because we just quit our jobs in professional services…and…WE’RE GUYS…so we know what GUYS want…It’s about increments on increments on increments…it’s about capital markets getting lazy…about capital markets suffering from this biggest clusterfuck of FOMO in the history of FOMO…it’s about “I don’t know if this is going to work or not…but fucking XYZ is investing prelaunch…so it’s now or never…and I don’t see anything better coming down the pipe…because if it’s not this me too, my next meeting is gonna be a me too too…so what am I really choosing between…it’s about the NOISE…frankly…things aren’t hard enough right now. it’s making everyone sloppy….sloppy thinking…sloppy investing…ambition light…image heavy…uninspired entrepreneurship…we are wading through a see of uninspired activity…searching…endlessly for that glimmer of ambition…that crazy look in a crazy founder’s eye…that says I would not last 4 seconds at Bain Consulting and I might have killed a turtle when I was 7 to see if reincarnation was real…where are you strange thinkers?  Where are you weirdo’s? For god’s sake, get weird.  Do different…PLEASE…the fate of our ecosystem rests in your hands…in your mind lives the step function we desperately need…inspire us

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30 Responses to “Rise Strange Thinkers, We Need YOU”

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Funny, I stepped away from my desk just long enough to walk outside onto my fire escape to scream as loud and as long as I could into the abyss of dark high rises and this post was waiting for me when I returned.

ha. Sorry to all my comments were backed up on this post…been using Unroll.me and it hid the alerts…

Just today I noticed that I’m constantly being barraged with “give us $100/month and we’ll give you the best fitting, most rad clothes money can buy. 4 separate companies, one week – what’s going on out there?

I can’t do it alone I think. Lots of solutions sitting on my head which need execution. Looking for partners. 🙂 good stuff Jordan

Count not agree more. But at time when technology is not interesting to investors and all us founders hear is “show me traction” there’s not a lot of room for innovation. Just more of the same things that are getting old and boring. When VCs want to do the easy thing and put their money where success has already happened, and angels want the deal that will exit in 2 years top (cause that’s the market right now right?), there is no room for innovation, for companies building something big that will actually require some money to launch and will be really market changing. I guess we’ll have to do it anyway!

Umm, I’m here? I guess?

One hell of a stream-o’-consciousness rant, dude. Anyway, I’ll email you our startup’s ideas and you can tell us whether that shakes up the ecosystem to your satisfaction. 🙂

Where are the strange thinkers? Well I don’t know where you are man!! But, I’m definitely right in front of your face 😉

Well said, thank god.

be the change you want to see ;O)
and read this… http://www.abundancethebook.com/

[…] this article about Strange Thinkers (see it here) didn’t actually catch me in the morning, it caught me at night, last night to be exact, and […]

Well said my friend, oh how I wish I had wrote this, as the feeling has been churning through my soul for months. “All we are waiting for is for something worth waiting for” -KMFDM, Dogma OK, so this affected me deeply, and it spurred a small commentary that seemed to long to post here so it is at my blog. Read without worry of spam or a pitch, and I of course provided a backlink as well for anyone not familiar with this article.

The strange thinkers are where we always have been: on the margins, on the outside, not invited to the party. Jordan, I don’t know you, I’ve never heard of you, I only found you through Hirschorn’s link, but… quit being passive and go out and find the strange thinkers, if that’s what’s so important to you. The paradox is that, after a lifetime of being bullied, laughed at, and stolen from, strange thinkers aren’t exactly jumping up and down, trying to draw attention to ousrelves. You’re perpetuating the cycle by calling us “strange” in the first place. The strange thinkers are the guys who don’t get hired to the cool new venture (or the blue-chip established companies) in the first place, precisely because they’re unable to process the world through the eyes of, well, the dicks that run those shows. They can usually be found in menial jobs, working for scraps. They are the needle in the haystack; they’ve spent their lives trying to be found. If they’re that valuable to you, go get them.

THIS. There are plenty of innovative people out there working away. The problem is that they didn’t go to the right schools, they’re not in the right age groups, they’re not hip or cool enough. They get labelled as poseurs and no one wants to give them the time of day at tech events. The important question is not “where are the strange thinkers?” but “why are my processes not bringing the entrepreneurs I want to work with into my social circle?”

strange is not enough. i’m sorry but strange is not a license to be free. just because you were born ‘strange’ doesn’t mean you deserve any more of a chance than the shithead sitting next to you.

you have be strange with intent. you have to go out and put your strangeness into the world. potential with no ambition is the same has not having any potential in the first place.

Great post. I tend to agree with Isa. You can’t necessarily look in the normal venues for them. The press tends to feature the me-too’s because they’re easiest to find. VCs fund whatever can be distilled into one slide; whereas stuff that’s innovative that has little to no past reference points might take a bit more explaining. They’re not featured in Wired or Techcrunch–by time they’d might have been profiled there, they’ve moved on to next edgy thing. I’ve met plenty of them, they’re not the usual suspects either.

What’s inspiring to you? so far, all I have, is not giving up. http://www.questioncollector.com for weirder see dance videos: http://www.youtube.com/jazzmann71

and a big fuck you to paragraphs and sentence casing

any examples of strange thinkers of the past 5 years that come to mind? any that you’ve funded?

Thanks for the thought provoking post. Couldn’t agree more with your thoughts, we share the same. But this problem is on both side of the spectrum VC community is driving this habit in entrepreneurs, They don’t devote enough time to listen to a fresh idea, taking risk is the next big problem, they just want to listen “this for that”, so they can make quick decisions. Our market research and hypothesis is on the target with all most all academia and think tanks like “World Economic Forum”, everybody agrees that it’s the way forward but hardly any VC is listening enough to understand what we have to say. I do agree that we entrepreneurs and engineers are not polished enough to make great presentation and our communication sucks. Our main focus is to solve the pressing problems in world and think through the problem solutions as you called for, not to improve on presentation or communication, but we are learning this hard way. I will appreciate if you can highlight this issue sometime. Thanks in advance.

One word comment, WOW!

Strange Thinker…I am, Out of the Box…I am, a Disruption…I am.

No you arent.

One word comment, WOW!

Strange Thinker…I am, Out of the Box…I am, a Disruption…My Startup. Can I have the time to shake and rattle your world. I promise you, you will not be disappointed.

Jordan, I never told you this but when I was a kid I killed literally HUNDREDS of turtles. I just kept trying over and over again until I finally managed to get one of them to reincarnate. That’s the kind of tenacity and persistence a founder needs to succeed in this business.

Jonah, I never told you this, but I am actually the reincarnate of one of the turtles you murdered. Good looking out, being a turtle sucked

[…] a reflection of a Lean Idea.  As Jordan Cooper recently wrote in his provocative blog post “Rise Strange Thinkers…We Need You“, we need more Big Visions, as strange and outlandish as they may initially sound, to drive […]

Venture capital is quite risky if you are not sure about what you are doing. Investments in general are risky but Venture Capital is even riskier.”,’;’

Thanks again

[…] a reflection of a Lean Idea.  As Jordan Cooper recently wrote in his provocative blog post “Rise Strange Thinkers…We Need You“, we need more Big Visions, as strange and outlandish as they may initially sound, to drive […]

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