East Village Experiment

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Note: This isn’t really a blogpost, but I couldn’t fit this in a status update or 140 characters and needed the real estate on my blog to explain why I am attempting to extract a local segmentation from my social/professional graph.

I want to make a list of all the people I know who live in the East Village.  I want to be able to push to this list whenever I find myself doing something local that I’d prefer to do with company than alone.  I want this list to know that they are all welcome to join me when I am grabbing dinner at 10PM on a Tuesday, or when I’m working at a café on Sunday at 5PM, or even when I’m sitting in my apartment thinking to myself “I’m bored, I wish someone would come by and entertain me.”  I also want this list to know that I don’t expect replies.  Not interested/can’t make it? No problem, I wasn’t expecting you to be available, that’s why I’m pushing the same invite to 25 other people.  Really I want to fill my unplanned flex time with people who will enhance my experience.  I want this list to be my, “are you around, I’m doing this in 10 minutes if you want to join” list, which I believe is only relevant to people who live in my neighborhood and can act immediately because of our physical proximity.  I think they are the only ones who would view these “immediate invites” as truly actionable and relevant a high enough % of the time that they would not mind the interruption via SMS/Push Notification.

I tried to build this list with a Groupme, and then realized that Groupme is not the right application for this need because everyone on my list knows me, but not each other.  This list doesn’t want to communicate as a group.  I guess I want to push immediate invitations to a “local subset of my social and professional graphs”  Is there a product out there that I can use to help manage this?

Also, if you are my friend/colleague/or just someone interesting who lives in the East Village and you want to be on my “immediate invitations in the East Village” list, send me a note, drop a comment here, or whatever and I’ll add you.

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19 Responses to “East Village Experiment”

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This might be the best way to get in touch with you since you don’t answer my emails anymore. I have a friend who is working on something very similar. Let’s get a drink and discuss.

This isn’t something I’m working on. I genuinely just want to have this list to make my life a little more interesting

I live in the East Village, and think this is an excellent idea! 🙂

thanks Dave. just added you

Ditto, assuming Lower East is included

East Village resident also. Include me in the experiment

Gogii allows you to create communities – I am not sure if they are exclusively group communities (where everyone responds to everyone else) or if you can be the single line of communication back – but it does allow grouping via mobile phone number.

Sign me up, I like hanging out.

haha, i think two years out facebook will solve this problem: friend lists, places, events, groups, etc. it’s practically inevitable.

Create a group for the east village. Invite all your friends. You can probably then choose to post to all your friends in the group.I’m also working on a feature at FB for setting dynamic friend lists so that you can create a friend list of your friends currently living in the east village.

I’ll be in town over thanksgiving. If I find my way into the city friday or saturday i’ll give you a call. It’d be great to catch up.

Love the concept! I live and work in the East Village so our paths should definitely cross at some point.

Do you know of Imup4?

that being said, i haven’t tried it out yet. but my bud created it and i’m meeting with him soon to pick his brain about it.

Pingpin should be able to do it, right? I think they’re getting pretty close to launch… anyway, count me in since I’m on the LES!

I hope so. Jyri sent me a note to that effect. Can’t wait for it to go live

Some apps have been built on foursquare for this type of pre check-in concept. Not sure posts can be tailored to a specific group of friends…but I imagine it can/should/will be done…

Friends Around – http://foursquare.com/app/friends_around

PocketCrowd – http://foursquare.com/app/pocketcrowd

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