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I’ve decided to leave my apartment when the lease expires on March 31.  I sent an inquiry about an apartment I found on NakedApartments (I swear this is a real exchange and I really am looking for  a new rental).  Listing broker responds with the below:


Glad you contacted me. It’s good that you’re thinking ahead to your 4/1 move-in date. Anything that you see listed now is likely to be rented by the end of the week. I don’t want to waste you time by showing you a place that you’re not in a position to rent. Here’s what I’d suggest: Go to my company’s website, You’ll see that we have over 4,000 listings, many with low or no fees. You can browse apartments all over Brooklyn and get an idea of what’s out there. Then contact me again in March and I’ll find you an apartment in one day.

If you have questions, or would just like to discuss your apartment search, “make contact” with me so we can talk on the phone. I’d be happy to chat with you about what you’re looking for.

Irene Antoniazzi
Rapid Realty

Wouldn’t it be sweet if I didn’t have to wait until 30 days before I am out on the street to start looking for a new place?????  Yea…That’d be sweet….would also be sweet if I didn’t have to pay Irene 8-15% of a years rent…

Soon…very soon…

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5 Responses to “This Makes JumpPost Happy”

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that would be sweet. I do not miss paying brokers fees for the honor of paying someone to rent their apartment.

Had the same experience myself. I moved 3 times while living in NYC and each time you cannot even start to view places until 15 – 30 days before move-in day … in the end you get to see an extremely limited set of inventory and have to hope you hit a good one in your restricted search time frame. Oh yeah, and you have to pay some ungodly broker fee for this “service” – very inefficient and look forward to seeing what you are brewing up at JumpPost!

have you heard of these guys:

Y-Combinator kids from MIT. From what I’ve heard, I’m a big fan. This is pretty much exactly what they’re hoping to kill, if I understand their model correctly, though it’s been a bit since I’ve looked at them.

I’ve met the renthop guys. Very nice guys, strong sense of product…

I founded for this reason and was interviewed for’s success here:

I was a broker while I was in grad school and would NEVER tell my clients that they should wait to the month of to find their apt…However many people do wait to tell their landlords till the last minute if they are going to move which then forces the landlords hand in not saying if an apartment was available until the last minute. I understand Irene’s logic and is also why I didn’t create a listings website specifically because listings do and can change within 24 hours. (there are tens of websites with listings not limited too,,, etc…most are free)

I would advise that there is a sweet spot for looking which is 45-20 days in advance where anxiety doesn’t eat your heart and there is a good amount of inventory out. It also matters if it is rental season or not in terms of what inventory is generally available- August you are going to get more choices but are pricier and in December there are less options but rent becomes more negotiable. The whole supply and demand thing.

I digress.. I created to introduce the renter directly to the landlord (where people can read and write reviews) but also can see the inventory on any given day on their website or call and get put on their list for apartments that are coming available in their time frame. No intermediaries for the renter (no-fee) and hopefully less anxiety if you are the early bird then there will always be an apartment somewhere that will meet your criteria.

If you have a rental question for me email and I will answer on my blog or column.

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