Washington Square Crypto

Washington Square Crypto is a vehicle I set up to invest in blockchain projects.  WSC invests anywhere from $20K-$50K per project in pre-ICO and/or publicly traded cryptocoins.  I’m not in it for the quick flip, I don’t give a shit about short term trading or technical indicators, all I want to do is partner with protocols and applications on the blockchain that are truly native to the technology. I want to enable and hopefully contribute to services and behaviors that could not have been built without the blockchain…that organize machines, people and businesses into new behaviors or networks where neither enterprise nor government has historically had the incentive to do so from the top down.  Here’s more on “What I look for in Cryptocoins.”

I don’t claim to be an expert, but there are certain areas pre-ICO where I think a can contribute.  If you are working on your whitepaper, I’d love to read early drafts and share ideas and dialogue (especially around your coin design and the economic design mechanics of your protocol).  I might even send you an email with some new design elements or mechanics that occur to me in the shower…

W Sq Crytpo is a long term investor.  I don’t care how big your ICO raise is, what your coin trades at when you float, in the first year, etc…I invest in projects where I can close my eyes and see the importance of the project on a 5 or 10 year timescale.  I’m looking to think with early contributors who are not taking short cuts, who are building systems that are complete in thought and honest about what’s unsolved.

W Sq Crytpo is my personal capital, formalized as a commitment to learning and adapting and investing in the development of the blockchain ecosystem as a whole…it’s a pre-cursor to whatever I end up doing at the platform or fund level. The mechanics, security, business process, and strategy of crypto are quite different from traditional venture capital, and beyond getting to work with leading thinkers and builders in the space, I wanted to make sure I could run investments in this asset class at a level and business process that’s “institutional grade.”

I named this vehicle Washington Sq Crypto because Washington Square Park is where we’ve been hosting these whitepaper reading groups (email jordan.cooper@gmail.com if you want in) and it’s also where I go to be screen-free and really dig into the design and substance of a good paper.  You can find me reading on a bench there most days.


    I’m a NYC based investor and entrepreneur. I think there is one metric that can be used to measure the value of a human life and that’s impact. How did you change things? How many people did you touch? How different is the world because you lived in it and how positive was the change that you affected? (p.s. i don’t use spell check…deal with it) You can email me at Jordan.Cooper@gmail.com


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