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Product Genius

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Product Genius / Designer

Craigslist is big.  JumpPost is getting bigger.  We’re fascinated by the economics around local supply and demand.  We get off on the 2nd degree of our social graphs.  We believe syndication of content will be followed by syndication of commerce.  Elegant viral mechanisms are rewarded with firm handshakes.  Cupcakes distributed to anyone who designs a flow that increases sharing.  If my mom gets your design, you get a gold star.  If my hipster girlfriend thinks it’s cool, despite the fact that we make money, you get a gold star.  We’re just 9 months old, growing, generating cash, working in NYC out of killer loft space on W 13th between 9th and Washington, and having a ton of fun.  All we want to do is delight consumers.

Here’s the setup.  Doug rocks the Ruby on Rails, works across the stack, but let’s just say he’s no front end Picasso. Jordan loves product, but thinks in mechanisms not UI. We build and iterate quickly, and we believe that product and culture drive the company. We need help.

Enter new guy/girl:

– Fundamentally understands the way users interact with web based products

– Thinks visually, and creates beautiful, simple, engaging web products

– Breathes visual design and has the skills and discipline to rapidly create mockups and prototypes

– Doesn’t blink at HTML/CSS, and in our dream world has a command over Javascript, AJAX , JQuery, and cross-browser design (we know, if you can do all this, you can work wherever you want)

– Loves challenges, thrives independently, but is excited by collaboration

Bonus Round:

– Experience with Facebook Connect, Facebook Application Design

– Savvy on concepts of distributed UX, Widgets, Cross platform UX

What you win if you are the right fit for the job:

– The chance to work with a group of extremely ambitious, respectful, appreciative, and generally awesome young entrepreneurs here in New York.

– Ownership over your own projects and potentially the entire product if you rock

– Meaningful equity, competitive salary, and a complete willingness for you to impact our culture and company in whatever way you are capable

Check out our product (there’s more coming), check out our blogs (,, and then email with your resume/online presence and a line or two introducing yourself.  If you were super early at Etsy, Kayak, Craigslist, Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc…that’d be swell.  If we have to pay a recruiter to find you…so be it

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Privacy Going the Way of the [Finch]

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I’ve been thinking a lot about the debate around privacy these days, and it occurs to me that the very concept of privacy is at odds with a much more powerful evolution in our species which I would broadly call systemic functioning.  There is nothing new to the idea that humans are social creatures, and as I look over the course of our development as a species, individuals grouping together first in the form of family units, then groups of families cohabitating, all the way up to and through urbanization, it becomes clear that our ability to preserve and perpetuate our species, compete for resources, and generally further ourselves relative to competitive species within our environment is vastly enhanced when we work together.

Over time, as we have grown to become more collaborative, our duration of life and rates of reproduction have grown in kind, and there is undoubtedly a correlation between our advancements as a population and our progression to functioning in systemic ways.

Wikipedia defines a system as:

System (from Latin systēma, in turn from Greek σύστημα systēma, “whole compounded of several parts or members, system”, literary “composition”[1]) is a set of interacting or interdependent entities forming an integrated whole.”

It used to be that our species operated in groups of small systems, and then advents of transportation mechanisms initially (wheel, boat, car), and the communication mechanisms such as the telephone began to connect these small systems and allowed them to become part of a larger system, where learnings, advancements, and general best practices for preservation and perpetuation of human life were shared across these small systems.  Still, data was largely transmitted physically or verbally, and was not easily disseminated to all members within these small systems.  In essence, there was still a massive chasm between the volume of data one member of a system in Mongolia learned and knew, and what another member of a separate system in Peru could leverage and implement.

Obviously, with a common backbone which enables all individuals to push data into and pull data out of a shared repository (the internet), our species has largely become networked into one giant system, sharing learning and data in a way that has already and will undoubtedly continue to enhance the metrics around preservation and perpetuation at the species level.

Given this trajectory, there is no evolutionary advantage to having an individual human being value their “privacy.”  The idea that I am not a part of the system is not an idea that is “selected for” in a world where our species thrives and advances at a more productive rate as one collective system.  Granted, as we, and Mark Zuckerberg, push the limits of this movement toward one singular and fully networked system, we will continue to come up against small backlashes (hi diaspora), but the general curve is going in a single direction both within the existent population, but even more prominently in new and future generations that are coming down the pipe.

Privacy is not just less important to younger generations, it is actually at odds with our advancement as a species.  Younger generations don’t consciously view it this way, but that concept is digested by them through the everyday value they extract from parting with it.

My prediction is that 100 years from now people will look back at the concept of privacy as we know it today and perceive the societal and individual value placed around it as an absurdity.

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